GRaPH-Int Symposium 17 April 2012

The GRaPH-Int Network is the leading voice at the global level in the field of Public Health Genomics and personalized healthcare. It bridges the translation process from basic research into policymaking and practice, and facilitates push-pull functions between academia, governmental bodies and the private sector.
The first part of the symposium will deal with emerging evidence in Public Health Genomics posing new challenges on many fronts of all healthcare systems. The second part will focus on Public Health Genomics in the field of Infectious Diseases.

 GRaPH-Int Advances in genomics, including the sequencing of the human genome, have the potential to have a positive impact on the health of populations everywhere.
It is a global collaboration of individuals and organizations with an interest in public health genomics. The network helps transform knowledge and technologies into public policies, programmes and services for the benefit of public health.
GRaPH-Int is both a Network and an Enterprise with interdisciplinary goals that support dialogue, research, education and training, communication and stakeholder engagement. Advances in genomics, including the sequencing of the human genome, have the potential to have a positive impact on the health of populations everywhere.

 GRaPH-Int mission
The mission of GRaPH-Int is to promote an “international collaboration among governments, academia and the private sector to accelerate the responsible and effective integration of genome-based knowledge and technologies into policies, programs, and services for improving the health of populations”

 GRaPH-Int goals
- To convene and enable dialogue, interaction, collaboration amongst relevant stakeholders
- To develop an integrated knowledge base for different stakeholders.
- To develop best practice programs, policies, educational modules and communication tools.
- To promote international, multidisciplinary research that enables translation of genome-based knowledge and technologies into population health benefits.

GRAPH-Int's key feature is the integration of knowledge from a range of disciplines such as genomic science, population sciences and the humanities and social sciences. It aims to provide an international forum for dialogue and collaboration by supporting the development of an integrated knowledge base and making links with other relevant networks and organizations.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Welcome by Angela Brand


09:00 - 09:30
PHG: From the Science of Discovery to the Science of Action

Muin Khoury
(Office for Public Health Genomics, CDC, USA)09:30-10:00   

Public Health Genomics: From Population Health to Personal Health
Angela Brand
(IPHG, Maastricht University, The Netherlands)

Epidemiology and omics: will the leaves hide the forest?
Nuria Malats
(Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Group, CNIO, Spain)

Coffee break


Evidence in daily life – between publication bias and clinical reality

Hans-Peter Dauben
(DIMDI, Germany)

ITFoM: Computational Modeling enables Personalized Medicine
Alexander Kuehn
(Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics/ITFoM FET, Germany)


Public Health Genomics of Chlamydia trachomatis
Servaas Morre’
(IPHG, Maastricht University, The Netherlands)
(Laboratory of Immunogenetics, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands)

Infectious disease genomics: a public health approach in Canada
Ross Duncan
(PHAC, Public Health Agency Canada, Canada)

Lunch break

ECDC and host determinants in infectious diseases
Jacques Scheres
(Maastricht University Medical Centre, Maastricht, the Netherlands
National Institute of Public Health NIZP, Warsaw, Poland
ECDC, Stockholm, Sweden)

HPV Human Methylation markers: an infectious disease PHG application
Chris Meijer
(Department of Pathology, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands)


Viral genomics coupled with clinical information to predict response to antiretroviral treatment: the EuResist Prediction Engine
Francesca Incardona
(EuResist Network GEIE- Informa s.r.l., Rome, Italy)

15:30 - 16:00
Relevance and Mechanisms of Infection in Tumor Biology
Kapaettu Satyamoorthy
(Manipal Life Sciences Centre, Manipal University, India)

16.00 - 16.30
Coffee break

GRaPH-Int Steering Committee Meeting (participation on invitation, in room L)

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