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Invitation to the Triple Event of the year

From Population Health to Personal Health
Rome 17-20 April 2012

Future Healthcare will be quite different from today’s Healthcare!

The Genome-based Research and Population Health International Network (GRaPH-Int), the European Science Foundation “Forward Look on Personalised Medicine for the European citizen” (ESF) and the Public Heath Genomics European Network (PHGEN) would like to inform you of three upcoming back-to-back conferences in association with the European Flagship Pilot for Future Emerging Technologies “IT Future of Medicine” (ITFoM) on 17-20 April 2012 at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Rome. Please note that ESF is ON INVITATION ONLY.

On behalf of GRaPH-Int,
Muin Khoury
- Director

On behalf of the ESF,
Stephane Berghmans - Head of Unit Biomedical Sciences

On behalf of PHGEN II,
Angela Brand - Coordinator

On behalf of ITFoM,
Hans Lehrach – Coordinator




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